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Hi from our house on wheels or as one grandson refers to it: Our Wheelie House.

Charles was medically retired so after a few years in Knoxville, TN, we moved to Tryon, NC to be near my daddy. After he passed away in 2014, we spend some time traveling in a pop up. Discovered we loved the lifestyle, just not in a pop up. In March 2017, we sold our house in Tryon, and hit the road with an F450 and a 41+ ft Heartland Landmark we affectionately call Columbo cause it always needs "Just one more thing."

Hi! Welcome to the Ramsey family home on the web. I hope you'll browse around and get to know us better. There are a total of three sites connected here. This one is about our family. One for genealogical research. If interested, take a look around over there. You may find someone in our family on one side or the other that you are related to. If so, please let me know. The Ramsey and Taylor Ancestors The other is for the Ramsey Family Pets.

How best to describe our family?

Well, it's a blended one in that I am not Kim and Pam's biomom. Their biomom lives in AL, and that is where Kim, Charles' oldest daughter, chose to live. Kim is married. They blessed us with a grandson in June. She and her husband own a computer store called Computer Works. Pam is married and she and her husband live in AL as well. They also blesssed us with a grandson about 2 months before Kim's and Chris' arrived.

We are grandparents. We are also empty nesters, except for a canine and feline managerie.

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